About Us

The Energy Support Bureau was established due to a growing demand for a managed service from clients entering the energy supply marketplace. Datamere (our sister company and the developers of GMS and GENUS) were asked for the service on many occasions and hence, The Energy Support Bureau was set up.

Our aim is to offer support to both you and your client base in what are constantly evolving industries. Having worked in the gas industry for the last 15 years, our team is up to speed with all aspects of supply management. The system we use (GMS) has been in continuous development for all that time so we really do understand the processes and protocols that are dictated by the industry.

Whether you need a complete managed service incorporating all of your customer contact, customer management and industry processes or just help with a one off project, the Energy Support Bureau can help you. Call us now on 01905 381569 or email us on info@e-s-b.co.uk